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Cody Cook
20 August 1988
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Hello! My name is Cody but I go by Opaz (not really a long story). I'm not much of a TV person but I love music. I love dancing (whether at the club, in my living room, or with my bedroom door shut: p). I work for Microsoft through Unisys. I live in Midvale; Moved here from Idaho -- which, might I add, blows [and not the good way]. I have a brother and a sister (well, 2 brothers but I don't talk to my other brother nor associate with that side of my family [dad's side]). I have 3 roommates (Lavona, Britt, and Craig). I can't stand my hair long so I cut my own hair to avoid the cost of haircuts every week. I'm fun to be around and fun to party with but don't irritate me because I can be a bitch. I'm not much of an outdoors person unless it’s for outdoor parties. I love yelling at people walking down the street from my car. I love RPG games like Final Fantasy. I have my nipples pierced. I wear Aqua Di Gio only because Lavona’s friend came over to our house and he smelled good; I've been wearing it ever-since. I love Sailor Jerry and Jose Cuervo and on occasion Everclear. I talk really fast and it’s hard to understand me at first. I use verbal abbreviations such as "duh" to state the obvious, "ha ha" to emote laughter, and "right" for agreement. I like Pepsi from cans but not fountain Pepsi. I hate coke from cans but love fountain coke. I can speak Spanish as well as English; I used to be able to speak Japanese and Russian. I have many allergies, but my biggest allergy is tobacco (according to a test I did a few years ago at an allergy clinic). I used to have asthma but as far as I know I no longer have it. I love sushi. I love Mexican food. I love Chinese food. I’m almost willing to try everything once (when it comes to food). I prefer Hidden Valley Ranch packages of mix rather than HVR in a bottle. I'd prefer horror/suspense/thriller movies over any other movie genre. Weird things are fun to me. I have T-Mobile. I love fog. I have really great friends. I like cats. I think I'm allergic to sugar and chocolate because if I eat a couple pieces of it, it gives me a headache.